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China Water

Some days China is just too much for me. Many cultural differences I can get over easily. Raising chickens in the 2 inches of overgrown plants on the side of the road in the heart of the city, sure not a big deal. Working Saturday and Sunday to “make up for your holiday”, that makes it a non-holiday but whatever. The constant touching and pushing is on the high annoyance end. But I can understand there are just to dang many people, it’s unavoidable… kinda.
However, I have one China irritation that can not be rationalized. One day, just one day, I would like to be able to walk down the street or ride on the bus without seeing baby penis! All of the babies here wear slit pants, which is regular clothes with a slit from waistband to waistband. Boys and girls.So when you walk down the street you will see babies squat down on the sidewalk to pee, without having to take their pants off.Inside the metro or grocery store I will see a dad holding their baby by the legs in the sitting position.…