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Student In-mates

I wonder what the long term effect is of living and studying behind bars. This is the reality of every Chinese student in the major cities. Even in my apartment, there are bars on the doors and windows to deter thieves, but if I have to spend a full day inside I feel like a prisoner. The prison feel of the schools is a whole other level.
I have taught at four different schools now and they all have several similarities. Not only is the entire school surrounded by spiked fences with multiple guards, but each classroom and office has barred windows. Starting in high school, the students can choose to live in the school dorms.This is the full in-mate experience if you ask me. I lived in the school dorms for 2 years so I can say I served my time.
The students have a 2 hour lunch break and can leave school to go out to lunch or go home for the noon nap (my favorite part of China). However, students that live on campus are not allowed to leave. They are only allowed to eat the school food fo…