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International Couple's International Travel

We will start the review of my vacation with strictly the travel to and from US and China, because that is a short in itself. So, many may call me cruel for planning Daniels first trip outside of china and first time on a plane as a 40 hour travel over 3 flights and 3 immigration points, but honestly I am just cheap. Lesson learned. Our trip started from Hong Kong at 6am, but the taxis and borders don’t start that early. So really our trip had to start the night before. On my last trips out of Hong Kong I always have to go sleep at the airport overnight to catch an early flight. But for some reason, this time we get to the ticket counter about 9 pm (after a long battle with Daniel to wait later to go to the airport, I lost) and there is no one there! I finally found someone to tell me the ticket counter would open at 5:30 am. They were on moved by the fact that I would only have 30mins before my flight left and I couldn’t get into the airport without a boarding pass. So we would sleep …