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The Joy of Going Pant-less

I have fully embraced the freedom of China fashion! I would never in a million years thought I would leave the house in jeggings, but they are now my non-pant of choice. Jeggings are jean-leggings on Chinese girls look almost exactly like skinny jeans. They never caught on in the US but they are the norm here and I love it! I now own 3 pair and wear them proudly, even in the US! Roz and I have both recently gotten the confidence to rock the jeggings and even took it a step further. We developed a system of rating your pant-less-ness from a scale of naked to real pants. 0 is naked, un-acceptable in public. 1 is pantyhose, I know you are thinking that is underwear, but in china this can serve as outerwear for those brave enough. Pantyhose with a mini skirt or shorts is a 1.5, in the US we assume that butt covering is a requirement but this is not always the case in china. 2 is leggings, basically thick pantyhose that you can’t see through. These rarely require the mini skirt or shorts fo…


Sandy invited me to her baptism the other day. She is the friend that came up to me at the bar and asked our group of foreigners if any of us were Christians and wanted to study the bible with her. 6 months later she gave me credit for bringing her to church and leading her to be baptized. I told her that she had helped me more than I helped her. She was the first person in china that looked up to me as a Christian role model, and it forced me to become a good example. I had stopped going to church after I had been in china a few months and I had become busy with new friends. I told Sandy I believe God sent her to me to give me a purpose in church here. Everything is more fun with someone to share it with.

I barely remember my baptism. I was dedicated as a baby when my parents promised to raise me as a Christian and then baptism as something I had to check off the list before I could be confirmed in the Methodist Church. Sandy’s Baptism was much different. We met at the home of one o…