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Teacher of the Year

There are days when I find myself in situations where I think, I am the worst teacher ever. How have they not fired me yet? I will give you two examples:

A few weeks ago on a Monday night I went to the McDonalds for dinner. As I am sitting there I notice a table of my students outside. I consider saying hello until I realize it is 5 of my boys sitting around shirtless and chasing their cheese burgers with beer! I decided the polite thing to do is keep my head down and walk by like I don’t notice. But you know as soon as I came outside the shout MISS CHRISTY! HELLO! So I have to reward their English. I say hello and point to the 5 beer bottles and ask, “Was it a hard day? Why so much beer?” Mind you they are all drinking 40s out of the bottle, and most Chinese men I know get drunk off of one beer! It is a school night and they have class at 7:30 the next morning; They are 16 years old and outside less than a block from the school!

They assure me, “we are the school sports winner, and…