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Cambodia Mission

My church group here organized a mission trip to Cambodia and I joined not really knowing what to expect. It was mainly centered around 5 high-schoolers and the adult youth leaders. I was worried that I wouldn’t have a place or purpose on the team, since I didn’t have any leadership position.

Our first day there, we attended a church service at the home/community center of Pastor Sam. They had set up chairs for our team along the wall with all the mothers sitting on the floor with their children. I noticed one kid about 2 years old in a cute little sundress or long shirt that was a few sizes to big. She spun around lifting her arms to show that, in fact she was wearing no pants and definitely a HE! The leaders had told us that all of the clothes you see the kids wearing were donated. Another little one run by and bumped into my knee. She looked up at me as if caught off guard and I reached out my arms to see if she would let me hold her. She hesitantly let me pick her up and stand he…