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From the Outside looking in

There are many things about China I feel I will never understand, no matter how long I’m here or how many people I talk to. But I am thankful to be in the position to get little glimpses!
Sunday I was on the bus home for my church in Shekou to Laintang which is usually a little over an hour ride. As soon as we got closer to the center of the city traffic became a nightmare, like barely moving. A few people got up to talk to the driver and before long he opens up the doors in the middle of the road and lets them off the bus! The bus attendant runs to the front and they chat for awhile the only thing I can catch is “metro”. The whole bus seems to join in on the conversation until the bus pulls over to the curb, not at a bus stop mind you, and starts kicking people off. The attendant would ask each person “where to?” and then respond, “no, metro, go” direct translation! She didn’t ask me anything, and I didn’t know where I was so I stayed on the bus with a handful of other people.
Some of …