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China Size

I guess it was last month I went with a few of my American friends to visit this English culture club (training center) their friend had opened. They were having American style KTV! Which I miss ever so much! In China the KTV is individual rooms with just couches, 2 mics and your own karaoke machine. It works out well bc I get to sing as many times as I want! Unlike in the US were you sit around for hours for your name to be called for your 3 minutes of fame! I always like a bigger group to go to the KTV here, but it seems my Chinese friends would prefer 3 or 4 people in a room. WHY? They are serious mic hogs! Like they put me to shame, as if I am a shy little girl in the corner, which you know I have never been, when it comes to singing. Also public stares of descent are not effective in Chinese culture. So if they did American style KTV here you would literally have to drag the people off stage. Even in a room of friends there have been some mic hog arguments. This one guy wanted to…

China for Life!

SO I am officially staying in China for another year. I was shocked when my worthless contact teacher texted me saying she and the school would be happy to have me teach at their school another year. And even more excited when my program said they wanted me back to teach another year. Even though they wouldn't tell me this until almost a month after my school offered me a position. So I went crazy worrying about what this meant, all for nothing.

My original thought was that I should just stay in my current school. I know the area, I won’t have to move my stuff, and I have teacher friends there. However, Betty (worthless contact teacher) told me they intend to have 2 foreign teachers at my school next year so I would have a roommate in my small apartment.

This wouldn't be so bad, except I have gotten used to having the place to myself and I have used every inch of this apartment to hold my ridiculous amount of crap I have accumulated. Plus, more than you want to know, but, it is …